Why Choose Us?

Acuity Search is founded upon a truly consultative approach to the recruitment process. We recognise your business is unique and are committed to understanding your model and particular staffing requirements before suggesting any given solution.

Our Consultants will take time to understand the business drivers and time constraints at play in your human capital planning strategy and have the industry specific experience to draw on when it comes to helping you devise the correct course of action.
Here are some key reasons for trusting us with your business:

Our competitive advantage in finding clients the right hire:

We have a clean database of over 9000 seasoned SAP & BI professionals and Linkedin networks that enable us to reach out to over 30 million people globally.  If the SAP consultant you require exists, we are confident we will find them. 

Of that database, over 80% of our candidates have come to us through referrals or mapping and headhunting techniques. These are by far the most effective ways of sourcing proven SAP resources in a candidate driven market.

Most of the larger recruitment agencies do not specialise and rely almost exclusively on internet advertising to generate candidates.  Our research tells us that this proves to have a very small reach into the SAP market place; it is also a strategy which, if deployed on its own, often misses the strongest people in that market; people who are not actively looking for work but are open to new opportunities once approached.

Many of the best SAP consultants rely heavily on their relationships with specialist recruiters to ensure that they have work pipelined before they have completed their current assignments. Acuity Search takes advantage of this by mapping the landscapes of companies that we are not engaged with, enabling us to ‘cherry pick’ particular SAP skills. We also develop strong relationships with candidates that we have identified as being open to new contract and permanent career opportunities.

Combining all the above elements with an equally strong on-line and media presence leaves us in the driving seat to find you the right person in the best possible time frame.

Ensuring the best possible ROI

The management team at Acuity Search has always understood the critical nature of blending both the right technical attributes with a personal style that will enhance the existing team culture.
We believe in placing the right people into the right organisations: enabling lower attrition rates at our client sites while enhancing the good will towards our own brand in the marketplace.  We achieve this by partnering with our clients to attract, hire, and ultimately retain the people that make up such a core element of their business. If we have not engaged previously with a given candidate, we are also able to save our clients both time and effort by doing discrete, confidential background checks up front. This ensures that only quality, reliable resources are presented to our clients.
Beyond this and due to our transparent view of the SAP market we are able to consult on what the value of a particular SAP resource may be at any given time. Rates/salaries tend to fluctuate greatly in the SAP market based on demand and shortage of skills. Because we are considered experts in our field many of the candidates that we deal with are happy for us to consult on what their current value is at any particular time. This allows us to ensure that rates/salaries are not inflated due to over confidence.

It is our aim to purely deal with the very best proven SAP consultants working on the best projects in Australia.  These are consultants who have the focus, drive, articulation and professionalism to ensure that projects do not drift and that re-work is kept at zero.

Please contact us today to speak with an SAP recruitment expert.